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This Week’s Contest: Theme Song

Theme songs are there to announce your intention for the world to hear.  And to get stuck in your head for all eternity.  Sometimes you’re happy they’re there, in your head, forever, and other times, well, you don’t feel so good about it.  Let’s see what sort of eternity cleffers want to inflict on you.

Yohan John is an anglophile from India who likes pop, and music that really ought to have been pop, but isn’t popular enough. If there are crunchy guitars and a chorus to sing along with, so much the better. Yohan drinks tea, goes on long walks, and is oddly amused by the words “duck” and “egg”.

Nicotina Chevrolet is a Brooklyn born, California bred, Hawaii living haole studying Community and Cultural Psychology. She was once, and forever shall be, guitarist in the greatest band never known, Not Without Your Daughter.

James Boo is a musician, writer and fried chicken enthusiast.


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