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This Week’s Contest: Magic

From David Blaine to Harry Potter, magic today is pretty in vogue. More popular than Jesus, but without all that burning at the stake – today’s magic enthusiasts are living large. But aside from that horrible “oh ho ho, it’s magic!” song, what music is there that truly capitalizes on today’s magical atmosphere? We’ll leave it to this week’s intrepid cleffers to unearth the most moving incantations.

Megan Costello is a KALX dj disguised as an architect living in San Francisco. When not cleverly hidden behind her computer, she enjoys dancing on the sidewalk, singing karaoke, and baking in return for favors.

Himanshu Mhatre: “I am a shadow cast by the dying light of melody. To find the light, spot the shadows it casts.”

Jeff Blake is probably asleep right now. He would play bass, but Not Without Your Daughter.


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