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This Week’s Contest: Ghosts

Our incorporeal buddy, the ghost.  Watch as it exists in its natural habitat, scrounging for candy and coming up with rocks.  How will it survive sans candy?  Such questions are irrelevant for the dead.  What is relevant, however, is what awesome music they have spawned.  So bring it, cleffers.

Rob Law is a wannabe songwriter and cult leader.

Sohrob Kazerounian is a feral child currently living and studying in Boston. without access to music in his youth, any attempt to wax poetic on the subject should be taken for what it is – a random assemblage of words which may or may not carry any meaning and (or) significance.

Matt Silver is a Level 23 Mage. He is a tall dark man with a long hoary beard. He is wearing a dusty leather tunic and a hard cracked leather cap. On his feet are a pair of leather boots and his hands are protected by iron gauntlets. He is currently wearing an emerald amulet and twisted root of protection and is wielding an Amber Staff of Illumination.


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