This Week’s Contest: Commercials

Somehow in America, the biggest outlet for creative voices making short films seems to have become the commercial.  So, the upside is that we get to see all sorts of awesome short films, and the downside is that we have these subliminal urges to like, buy all sorts of worthless shit.  But commercials are also a delivery vehicle for music, and some songs seem inextricably bound to the commercials that introduced them.  So this week, let’s see what sort of sales pitches our intrepid cleffers can make about the jingly, jangly sounds of the commercial.

Rich Bunnell is a headline jockey from Oakland, California. He digs cornmeal pizza and the Gilded Age, and can name the eight RobotMasters in Mega Man 2 in less than four two seconds.

C. Shaw is a logician from DC who is known by his fiancee’s friends as the guy who went to a big-budget country show and repeatedly complained that Rodney Atkins was singing out of tune. He hopes the fact that he Tivos Iron Chef every week will help him crush the competition here.

Vishal Trivedi is 26 years old and a newly minted civil servant, working for and residing in the City and County of San Francisco. He dabbles in synths and guitars, and is a sucker for a catchy melody and a clever drum fill. Vishal disdains pretense but also gravitates towards complexity.


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