This Week’s Contest: The Comeback

We all have our down times. We’re down by a five runs in the bottom of the ninth, we get cut from out record label, we shave our head and have pictures of our cooter plastered all over the internet. And yet, there’s alays a chance to make it all right again. Few situations are so dire that there’s no way to stage a comeback, and no art is better suited to the comeback than music. Let’s see what these cleffers have to come up with.

Noah Schaffer is a music addict living in Boston, the hometown of bluegrass great Joe Val, jazz legend Roy Haynes and rockabilly wildman/art thief Myles Connnor — not to mention the adopted land of R&B crooner Little Joe Cook and Skatalites drummer Lloyd Knibb. By day he’s a legal news reporter. A story he wrote about the comeback of soul star Betty Harris can be read here.

Rob Baker is environmentally friendly. He is biodegradable, non-toxic, and 100% post-consumer content, made entirely out of older, recycled nerds. He rides Boston’s green line trains to work, which he likes to pretend is the green lion from Voltron.

Jake Mix is a cartoonist and illustrator trapped inside a lazy man’s body. His hovercycle skill is currently 70%, but he hopes to see that go up within the week, and he is a diligent downloader of new Rock Band songs.


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