This Week’s Contest: Child Vocalists

The best job Shirley Temple ever had, in her own words, was being the ambassador to Czechoslovakia. One might have thought that it was parading up and down a train crowded with strangers with candy singing about the good ship lollypop, but one would apparently be wrong. Nevertheless, her service to her country was more laudable as a child star during the Great Depression than sipping brews in Bratislava so many years later. Not every kid vocalist can claim Shirley Temple’s impact, but there is something special about kids singing. Good? Sometimes. Special? Always. Let’s see what sort of special this week’s cleffers can unearth.

Th McCaffrey is a writer living in Boston, Massachusetts. Most recently his work has appeared in the Fall 2006 issue of Furnace Review. He is currently working on his manuscript.

Chris Lucas lives in Boston – the new City of Champions (suck it Pittsburgh). He plays a lot of different instruments above average, but none exceedingly well. It’s probably because he spends the majority of his time working as a lobbyist for a large non-profit, cooking, and writing for a trio of sports related websites – Your Fantasy Team Sucks, Hugging Harold Reynolds, and Epic Carnival. It’s either that or he’s just amazingly lazy. Yeah, that’s probably it.

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  1. star

    i think shirley temple black was just the cutest little child star she was amazing i luv her

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