This Week’s Contest: Medication


On the one hand, you have drugs. Nature’s gift for putting us in a world rife with awkward social situations, chronic pain and a paucity of fun-on-demand. And then on the other, medication. A doctor prescribed answer to all of your problems, paid for by the health insurance you’d damn well better have, and free of all of those legal problems presented by nature. But, of course, it’s more complicated than this simple dichotomy – and the subtleties have been well documented by musicians for generations. All I’ve got to say is, good enough for Elvis, good enough for me.

Matt Silver is a Level 23 Mage. He is a tall dark man with a long hoary beard. He is wearing a dusty leather tunic and a hard cracked leather cap. On his feet are a pair of leather boots and his hands are protected by iron gauntlets. He is currently wearing an emerald amulet and twisted root of protection and is wielding an Amber Staff of Illumination.

Nicotina Chevrolet is a Brooklyn born, California bred, Hawaii living haole studying Community and Cultural Psychology. She was once, and forever shall be, guitarist in the greatest band never known, Not Without Your Daughter.

Himanshu Mhatre: “I am a shadow cast by the dying light of melody. To find the light, spot the shadows it casts.”


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