This Week’s Contest: Jesus

As a Jew, I have to say I feel like I’ve kind of missed most of the Jesus thing. On the one hand, I feel pretty OK about this, because while you were sitting in church listening to how Jesus was washing some feet, I was at Sunday school laughing at cats that were shaped like Hebrew letters. Then again, there was that weird kid in band class who told me he could kill everyone in the room and still go to heaven, because Jesus was in his heart. Sunday school certainly never gave me warm fuzzies like that. Fortunately, there are about a billion songs people have written about Jesus to try and convince me of his glory, and what better people than these Iron Cleffers to share them with me?

Jef Doon tastes like chicken, though his tastes like veal. He is a foodie whose complex palate is defined by a visceral appreciation for everything from the rustic and raw to the fresh and organic. He ends every helping with something soothing and subtly sweet.

Dr. Peter Venkman is a former university professor, entrepreneur, and talk show host with degrees in psychology and parapsychology.  His favorite musician is Ray Parker Jr.

Jeff Blake is an ex-basist from the Greatest Band Never Known, “Not Without Your Daughter.” This Portland based faggot is getting his JD with a focus on Tax, and loves him some Brit Pop and Rock en Español.


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