This weeks’s topic: The Maths

What’s the only thing that’s more fun than listening to music? Doing Math! This week’s topic, t, is “the maths” and will probably be the max[stimulating] topic yet. To add to the excitement, the chief maintainer of Iron Clef, Alex Storer will ∈ {p; p:participants}. In his stead, two Clef veterans {Matt, Sohrob} have decided to challenge Alex and company to come up with songs about Godel’s incompleteness theorem, the Banach-Tarski paradox, or even the axiom of choice. Of course, in the unlikely event that !∃ songwriters that have felt sufficiently moved by any of these topics to ever want to craft lyrics about them, {songs that make reference to math} ∪ {L; L s.t. ^[mM] ∈ L where L is the song’s lyrics} will suffice.

Nerdcore is encouraged.

math2.gifRob Baker is environmentally friendly. He is biodegradable, non-toxic, and 100% post-consumer content, made entirely out of older, recycled nerds. He rides Boston’s green line trains to work, which he likes to pretend is the green lion from Voltron.

David Morrison lives and works in Austin, Texas. He currently performs and records with the Bigamy Sisters, Jeromy Barber and the Clydes. He recently co-produced the debut Red Hat Records album by Bullet for Betty. He wears size ten shoes and likes to sit in the dark, listening to old blues records with his fish, Tim.

Alex Storer is the founder of Iron Clef, the famed musical genre “inept-core”, and (with Arom Gaang) the oft-revived but never-revised band The Milk Solids. He currently lives in Cambridge, studies the brain, and rides a bicycle.


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