This Week’s Contest: Robots

I was going to do my traditional intro thing, where I’m all, “why are there so many songs about robots?!”, but this time, I think it’s pretty fucking obvious. It’s because they’re awesome. Even these kids know that robots are sweet. I can’t find the song in English, but as far as I can tell, the chorus is “I have a robot, I make it work. I have a robot, and we’re going to hang out!” Gee, robots are swell.

Aaron Azlant is just happy that his thesis is working out and is looking for a job if you know a guy.

Megan Costello is a KALX dj disguised as an architect living in San Francisco. When not cleverly hidden behind her computer, she enjoys dancing on the sidewalk, singing karaoke, and baking in return for favors.

Vishal Trivedi is 26 years old and a newly minted civil servant, working for and residing in the City and County of San Francisco. He dabbles in synths and guitars, and is a sucker for a catchy melody and a clever drum fill. Vishal disdains pretense but also gravitates towards complexity.


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One response to “This Week’s Contest: Robots

  1. Matt

    I was once driving through central new york and heard this ridiculous song with lyrics that went something like “I am a robot man and I’m looking for a robot girl.” It was a robot voice, too… Whoever finds this song in their search gets my vote!

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