This Week’s Contest: Civil Rights Movement

I don’t really have anything to say about the civil rights movement that isn’t encompassed by the above picture.  Hopefully the same speechlessness won’t befall our cleffers this week:

Rob Law is a wannabe songwriter and cult leader.

Natty Raymond is a non-profiteer and lover of fine macrobrews. He moonlights as the white-core troubadour ll.bean, front man for J Crue.

Sohrob Kazerounian is a feral child currently living and studying in Boston.  Without access to music in his youth, any attempt to wax poetic on the subject should be taken for what it is – a random assemblage of words which may or may not carry any meaning and (or) significance.


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One response to “This Week’s Contest: Civil Rights Movement

  1. donovann

    this picture is very disturbing. i cant believe that they did black people like this. i really hope that we can all get along soon…..

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