This Week’s Contest: Sex

Few things dominate our entire lives the way sex does. Why aren’t we getting enough, why are we getting the kind we’re getting, why do other people want kinds that are so morally repugnant, why is there so much of it on TV, why does my child have to learn how to put a condom on a banana in biology class – the list goes on and on. In popular music, love may be the most popular theme, but its demented cousin is often a lot more interesting. Let’s see what these new pornographers will come up with:

James Boo is a bedroom musician who hates Marlo Stanfield.

Oliver Hinds is a man who hopes that you can be convinced that this Oliver Hinds must be a different Oliver Hinds than the Oliver Hinds you know.
Jake Mix is a cartoonist and illustrator trapped inside a lazy man’s body. His hovercycle skill is currently 70%, but he hopes to see that go up within the week, and he is a diligent downloader of new Rock Band songs.


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