This Week’s Contest: Puberty

Puberty. Oh, puberty. Oh, math class with its non-specific arousal signal. Oh, wondering why that kid behind you has a mustache. Oh, discoveries of what those parts of your body are for. Oh, weird crushes on people that you should have never had crushes on. Oh, armpit hair. And now that (most of us) are all grown up, and through this most miserable of life phases, what music have we to describe our experiences? Let’s ask these post-pubescent fellows to help us out.

Th McCaffrey is a writer living in Boston, Massachusetts. Most recently his work has appeared in the Fall 2006 issue of Furnace Review. He is currently working on his manuscript.

Yohan John is an anglophile from India who likes pop, and music that really ought to have been pop, but isn’t popular enough. If there are crunchy guitars and a chorus to sing along with, so much the better. Yohan drinks tea, goes on long walks, and is oddly amused by the words “duck” and “egg”.

Svenllama believes that life is a metaphor for baseball and will readily seize upon any opportunity to talk about music. He writes in a fortified compound in Somervillle and also maintains a bunker in a secure, non-disclosed location in MetroWest. He is blessed with a superhuman ability to find good parking spaces.


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