This Week’s Contest: Lord of the Rings

What is it exactly that makes Lord of the Rings so compelling for quite so many people? Sure, it’s had a tremendous impact on the fantasy genre, but it’s kind of hard to fathom how deeply we’ve been penetrated by LotR, and for how long. Even amongst wildly popular books, it’s wildly popular. (Did you hear about the Agatha Christie musical? I didn’t think so.) To see the true spectrum of how influential Lord of the Rings is, look no further than the vast array of popular music that it has directly influenced. From pipe-weed smoking hippies to Mordor-bound metal-heads, everybody’s got love for the precious. The real question is, which music-fan will un[middle]earth the best track?

Jay Bohland lives in Brooklyn and works on brains. He used to play music but doesn’t want to talk about it. He has been to every county in Ohio.

Himanshu Mhatre: “I am a shadow cast by the dying light of melody. To find the light, spot the shadows it casts.”

Jeff Blake is probably asleep right now. Wake up, Jeff! His preferred aesthetic style is the Bombastically Absurd–like Showgirls, Bonnie Tyler, or Sylvia Plath. Currently, he is getting his J.D., focusing on Tax Law (YES!) in a city known for its bookstores, right to die laws, and huge amount of strip clubs. Although he is grateful to be surrounded by other suicidal, literary perverts, he nonetheless hopes to return to the Gay Area to frolic, scamper, and camp it up. He would play bass, but Not Without Your Daughter.


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  1. Vishal

    come on, this HAS to win.

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