This Week’s Contest: Turkey

What joke was more hilarious in second grade than when you found out about the stupid names that other places have? There’s a country called Hungary? And another one called Turkey? Giggling ensued. So it is this great giggling spirit that I invoke for the Thanksgiving holiday, to try and find any song that fits the theme of Turkey. Whose song will kick the most ass?

Rob Law is a wannabe songwriter and cult leader.

Lisa Xu is languishing away as a student at UC Berkeley, where she writes for the arts section of the Daily Cal and is an editor for the Berkeley Political Review. She spends her free time nursing, feeding, and otherwise sustaining an obsession with Radiohead.

Natty Raymond is a non-profiteer and lover of fine macrobrews. He moonlights as the white-core troubadour ll.bean, front man for J Crue.


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