This Week’s Contest: San Francisco

While many cities have a rich musical tradition, few can boast one as deep and varied as San Francisco’s. Liberal, forward-thinking, crazy-as-fuck San Francisco has spawned some of the world’s best musicians and musical acts, and serves as muse to countless more. But who will be able to capture the true essence of San Francisco in a single track? See what this week’s cleffers can come up with:

Vishal Trivedi is 26 years old and a newly minted civil servant, working for and residing in the City and County of San Francisco. He dabbles in synths and guitars, and is a sucker for a catchy melody and a clever drum fill. Vishal disdains pretense but also gravitates towards complexity.

Sohrob Kazerounian is a feral child currently living and studying in Boston. without access to music in his youth, any attempt to wax poetic on the subject should be taken for what it is – a random assemblage of words which may or may not carry any meaning and (or) significance.

Jef Doon tastes like chicken, though his tastes like veal. He is a foodie whose complex palate is defined by a visceral appreciation for everything from the rustic and raw to the fresh and organic. He ends every helping with something soothing and subtly sweet.



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3 responses to “This Week’s Contest: San Francisco

  1. Holy shit that’s an awesome photo. Where’d you get it?

  2. Hee hee. Did Jef and Sohrob write their own descriptions.


  3. ironclef

    The picture is from flickr:

    May romainguy live long and prosper. 🙂

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