This Week’s Contest: Be My Baby

What makes “Be My Baby” one of the most loved songs of the 60s? Is it the felon producer whose awesome ‘fro graces our magazine covers? Is it the enduring melody? The enchanting performance? Frankly, no. It’s the drum intro.

Instantly recognizable and utterly ubiquitous, starting a song with it is an instant homage to the innocence of the 1960s. Except when it’s not. This week’s contestants have to find the best song fitting the theme of the “Be My Baby” intro, free, as always, to take the theme and do with it what they will.

Check out this week’s music fiends:

Megan Costello is a KALX dj disguised as an architect living in San Francisco. When not cleverly hidden behind her computer, she enjoys dancing on the sidewalk, singing karaoke, and baking in return for favors.

Oliver Hinds is an active ex-musician, currently formerly of The Mysterious Absence of Venus McNolte, The Uhhh…, Slinky Face, Shef and the Association, Dominican Poets, Slinky Face, Agnes Dia, LD-90, Untold Denial, and Stain (no, not that one). He doesn’t like listening to music he is unfamiliar with.

Rich Bunnell is a copy editor from Oakland, California. He received a Pulitzer for writing the following headline:




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2 responses to “This Week’s Contest: Be My Baby

  1. soo

    “give the drummer some” – ultramagnetic mc’s

  2. The best appropriation of the intro to “Be My Baby” in the history of popular music comes from the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey.”


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