This Week’s Contest: Baseball

As our friends on television ceaselessly remind us, there’s only one October. Barring the October that happened last year, this is, in fact, true. Therefore, we’re getting into the spirit to put music to America’s most American sport. Think you can do better than these music nerds? Watch the World Series and see if you come up with something brilliant!


David Morrison lives and works in Austin, Texas. He currently performs and records with the Bigamy Sisters, Jeromy Barber and the Clydes. He recently co-produced the debut Red Hat Records album by Bullet for Betty. He wears size ten shoes and likes to sit in the dark, listening to old blues records with his fish, Tim.

C. Shaw is a logician from DC who is known by his fiancee’s friends as the guy who went to a big-budget country show and repeatedly complained that Rodney Atkins was singing out of tune. He hopes the fact that he Tivos Iron Chef every week will help him crush the competition here.

James Boo is a bedroom musician in love with Jens Lekman. He is not a vegetarian.


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