This Week’s Contest: Birds

Ah, who doesn’t love our feathered friends? Over the course of the next week, three music bloggers will try to find one song apiece that best fits the theme “birds”. For new Iron Cleffers, this theme can be interpreted in any possible way – the more creative and unexpected, the better! Check back in a week to see what these music-lovers will come up with:

Yohan John is an anglophile from India who likes pop, and music that really ought to have been pop, but isn’t popular enough. If there are crunchy guitars and a chorus to sing along with, so much the better. Yohan drinks tea, goes on long walks, and is oddly amused by the words “duck” and “egg”.

David Boyk is an indophile from America who studies history and is a connoisseur of Bollywood, local cuisine and gangsters.

Aaron Azlant has written about music on and off since about 1997 and has a sometimes radio show at WGTB in Georgetown.

Feel free to add comments, but if you have ideas for future weeks or want to contribute, write to ironclef@gmail.


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